Here are some links to a bunch of other projects that probably need attention :)

Capsaicin - Capsaicin is an OS installer and configurator project. It aims to . . . well, it aims to rip off Mandrake's DrakX and Debian's d-i for Sarge in interface, while providing a flexible backend for actually creating the installer. It will pretty much give some code to simplify creating the installer, and mandate how the process should flow.

Capsaicin will provide an easy to use, friendly, and eventually familiar interface for operating system installation suitable for Linux, BSD, and ReactOS. The goal, of course, is to make it easier for the lay-person to install an open source operating system (or any OS really).

Debian: Secure by Default - DSbD is a project that demonstrates how to implement certain hardening features into the Debian GNU/Linux distribution. I'm a Gentoo user, and from the Hardened Gentoo project I've learned about many existing security solutions which impose little overhead and bring no visible changes to the user, while still protecting the system againts worms and unwanted intruders.

Face it, Linux isn't immune to the problems that plague Windows. MS has the spotlight, they get the damages. The difference is that we have the solutions ready now; and we can stop the problems now, before we need to get an antivirus program installed. Many security enhanced Linux and BSD operating systems use these systems, including Hardened Gentoo, Adamantix, and OpenBSD. It's time we all started using them so that future users won't be plagued by viruses and trojans that attatch to root-owned processes.

Gnupdate - Gnupdate is a package manager that interfaces with other package managers. It attempts to create a situation where any package can be installed on any system as if it was native to that system; at least, that's as near as I can tell. I don't work on Gnupdate; however, we need third party vendor application support, and this is how we're going to get it. Not Gnupdate, but the ideals driving Gnupdate, are exactly what we need; and the Gnupdate developer had the brains to see this far before I even got into the game.